Dubai Museum

Visit to Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum:

The Dubai museum is a perfect platform of the historical and traditional culture of the Emirates. The visitors get knowledge about Dubai’s evolution. This place reveals the secrets about how this village transforms into a cutting-edge city from life-size dioramas, archaeological relics and communicating displays. 

Dubai Museum has vibrant dioramas and edifying historic displays. Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest buildings, which gives the taste of the old era of Dubai. The Dubai Museum is just one of the attractive historical places. Dubai’s spice and gold markets are the most popular traditional shopping places as well as Bastakiya, Shindagha districts and Jumeirah mosque are more striking sites to go. 

Dubai Museum

Visiting Dubai Museum: 

Dubai Museum is situated in Al Fahidi Fort, which is considered as one of the oldest buildings. The roots of this fort can be drawn back from 1787. In 1971, it was recognized by a museum. The fort and its yard are mainly expressed the innovative vision of modern cityscape. Many tourists esteem Dubai Museum as a calm escape in the old city. 

The fort is located at the south of the Dubai creek about 200 years ago. It was erected back in 1787. The fort of defence and buildings of the monarch sat on the border of the city. After that, the fort was changed into weaponry and armaments. It was also used as fugitives. In 1971, the fort has exhibited the history of Dubai and traditional culture. Another underground museum was established in 1995 that was added to the ancient fort. 

Dubai Museum Al Fahidi Fort

Life-size dioramas and mock-ups showcased behind tumbler express the traditional life of Emirates, customary extracts of Arab households, emporiums and mosques. However, the other displays pay tribute to the local treasure diving industry. Many galleries in Dubai museum are underground. On the top of Al Fahidi Fort, there is a boat to presents homage to the Dubai’s old-style fishing culture. It is a fascinating sign of Dubai’s past.  

The visitors of the old museum have a golden chance to get rich and knowledge about very old history that appealed to the people. Tourists can know about the different environment of urban and rural life of Dubai. There are a mountain, desert, coastal and marine life exhibitions. Visitors can also acquaint with samples, weapons, tombs and urban communities. There are some displays that give the reflection of vendors, shops, goods, atmosphere and market of the era 1951. Astronomy and natural phenomena wings take the visitors to the stunning tour to know about shipbuilding and shipping equipment of pearl diving and marine life of the Arabian Gulf. In the centre of Al Fahidi Fort, models are used to display the local boats, houses with its old-fashioned stuff. 

Dubai Museum Tour

The trip to the Dubai museum gives the chance to know the history. It also provides the awareness of the new development. Modernism and development in Dubai are the long and tough journey that exposed the different people and culture as well as a strong bonding between Islam and Urbanism. The difference between new and old Dubai shows you the great effort that takes the Dubai towards to progress. Today, Dubai has become an extremely deep-rooted civilized country. The final exhibition shows archaeological treasures from antique settlements and crypts at Jumeirah, Hatta, Al Qusais and many other native places that expose the area has been established for at least 4000 years. 

This tour to Dubai museum definitely gives a memorable time to you with your friends and family. In this way, everyone can be acquainted with the history and culture of Dubai in an interesting manner. All things in this museum have their own stories of different times. People of Dubai have faced a tough time to take Dubai from old to the modern era.