Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari park

Dubai Safari Park is a huge ecological zone that comprises swathes of plants and parks occupied with 2,500 animals from 250 different classes. It is situated near Dragon Mart. One can easily reach the Safari park through roads and highways by using their cars or hiring a cab. The first impression of the Dubai Safari park with its stunning lagoons and lush landscaping is really gorgeous and striking. This 119-hectare vast place splits into 5 villages with their own exclusive structure and animal populace. During the hot weather, chilled water, misting fans and cool imitation rocks have been mounted to provide a cool natural environment. It is one of the best places to hang out with your children. The Park is divided into 3 sectors; Asian Village, the Arabian Village plus African Village, and the Safari Village.

Dubai Safari Village

Safari Village:

Traditional open safari is the most thrilling thing in Dubai Safari Park, which move you to the wilds of Asia and Africa designed lorry. You can spot the many different species animal sheltered here, comprising with monkeys, zebras, deer, tigers and water buffalos. The tour to the safari village is imperfect without seeing the majestic lion and regal tigers relaxing in the sun. When you enter the tiger arena, first you will be struck with the splendour of the heaving waterfalls, which boosts the ecology of water-loving residents with the complete solar initiative.

Featured Animals: Tiger, Lion, Hippo, Ape, Antelope, Zebra, Hornbill, Cape Buffalo, Nile Crocodile, Striped Hyena, Deer, Water Buffalo.

African Village Dubai

African Village:

One of the most talked areas in Dubai Safari Park is African Village, which is the home of the most bizarre animals from the region. The village is divided into two sections; African Savannah and Rainforest. Which have African wild dogs, huge tortoises, chimps and royal white lions.  

Featured Animals: Pygmy Hippo, Gorilla, Chimpanzee, African Lion, Flamingo, Okapi, Bongo, Lemur, Antelope.

Arabian Village Dubai

Arabian Village:

When you move to the Arabian Village section through the sandy desert, stony mounts and lavish leas will definitely astonish you by the inclusive range of the flora and wildlife. Just be conscious from the nilgais, wolves and antelopes living here.  

Featured Animals: Ostrich, Oryx, Gazelle, Ibex, Arabian Wolf, Saiga Antelope

Asian village Dubai

Asian Village:

Asian Village beauty can enjoy with a walk through the dense tree padding. In the lush green Asian forest, Gibbons, Moon Bears and Komodo Dragons are spotted here. There are also a variety of birds and reptile species.  

Featured Animals: Gibbons, Komodo Dragons, Moon Bears

Wadi village Dubai

Wadi Village:

After a long adventure of the Safari, you can go to this huge recreational area where one can enjoy with their friends and family. In this huge and engineered valley, the Dubai Municipality has effectively applied their ambitious greenery, a network of watercourses, lagoons, canals and fishing pools, which are entirely run by solar energy.

Kids Zoo Dubai

Kids Farm: 

One more beautiful thing in Safari Park is Kids Farm, which mainly attracts to your little ones. In this farm, kids can learn about old-style and farm faunas such as chickens, goats, lambs and cows. This will surely connect your children with nature and learn the way how to ride on horses, collect milk from cows and chicken eggs.

Kids Zoo In Safari Park Dubai

Forthcoming attractions in Safari Park: 

Some of the forthcoming attractions in Safari Park are: 

  • More than 2000 new animals with a flock of giants 
  • South American and Australian Village 
  • Zoo mobile fortified with the hi-tech learning tools and helps for kids

Entry ticket of Dubai Safari Park: 

The fees to enter the Dubai safari park for adults and kids are AED 50 and AED 20 accordingly. This entry fee does not include the access to the adventure of Safari villages. It is only for open safari. If you want entire access to all Safari villages, then ticket rates are AED 30 for kids and AED 85 for adults. Free entry granted for kids under three years, senior citizens and people of determination.

For discerning the veiled worlds of nature, Dubai Safari Park is one of the awesome chances. It is considered one of the most attractive destinations for the tourist. Families can enjoy here with getting knowledge about wildlife. It has the same rank as Khalifa Tower, Dubai International City, and other sightseer attractions have.