Get to Know about famous beaches in Dubai

Dubai is the most famous city of UAE and every year a large number of people come here to visit. When people plan their tour to Dubai, they want to visit most famous places in Dubai as well get around the beaches of Dubai. There are a number of beaches in Dubai, where you can enjoy your tour in summer. Here are some of the famous beaches listed below:

Mamzar Beach:

The Mamzar beach park is one of the best beaches in Dubai because of its location and environment. The entrance charges for Mamzar beach is only AED 5 if you are walking and AED 30 if you go through the drive. There are many things to do at Mamzar beach which you can enjoy and make your tour even more memorable. If you are visiting to enjoy the beach then there are four different beaches spread around the park. The atmosphere around the beach is very peaceful. These are the main reason that this beach park is one of the most famous place among tourists and residents. If you are feeling hungry, then there are some cafes inside the park as well.

Jumeirah Beach Park:

This beach is one of the most famous beaches around the world which is located at the heart of the UAE that is called  Dubai. If you are planning for memorable family get together, then you can’t find a better place than this. You can enjoy here with your  friends as well. This beach park is located on the beach road which makes it easily accessible by tourists. The entry ticket to this beach is only AED 5. Surely it will be the wonderful experience to make a plan to visit this stunning place.

JBR Beach:

JBR beach is also one of the  popular beaches in Dubai. This beach line is most famous with the residents of the area and for tourists too. This is just start after Jumeirah resort beach. This beach has also the facilities of clean changing rooms and separate shower rooms where visitors can meet with their needs. People also enjoy their by playing different sports games  and you can get anything you want to eat because there are many amazing restaurants on the beach. You can enjoy your meal while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea.

Kite Beach:

Kite beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai and it is free public beach . The environment is so beautiful where you can enjoy the view of biggest and famous skyscrapers like Burj Al Arab. Because of the peaceful atmosphere you would be more than happy to spend your time there.On the side of the walk, there are plenty of the foods trucks like ice cream, fresh juice, coffee, barbecue and salads are among the favorite offerings. This beach is also known as Wollongong beach because this beach is just behind the University of Wollongong.

Burj Beach Dubai:

Burj Beach Dubai is just after the drive to Kite beach. This beach always has hustle bustle because you can go to the beach without caring the day or night. It is very popular with everybody and you will find a mixture of nationalities here which gives this beach its own quite special charm.  This beach provide the changing rooms and separate shower rooms for visitors so they can change easily. You will find people playing volleyball, badminton and football on the beach. The area of the beach is under constructing and it will be even better when the renovation will be done. At the end, the best thing about this beach is that you can get an amazing view of Burj Al Arab and capture your memories with Burj Al Arab at the background.

Ghantoot Park Beach:

This beach is one of the famous and expensive beaches in Dubai. The entry ticket to this beach is AED 100 but if you go there you will never ever regret of your AED 100 because you will get all the facilities and a wonderful experience with peaceful environment. There are numbers of pools, bars and cafes. You can have fun around playing volleyball while also barbecuing at the long stretch of beach sands. You can take part in banana boating, waterskiing and many other activities as well. You can add more memories by booking a resort and stay there for a night. After a busy week, this place is the best to make your weekend amazing.