Lost Chamber Dubai

Dubai Lost Chamber Atlantas

People come for enjoyment from all over the world to see Dubai, which has become the major hub for visitors. There are plenty of malls, shopping centres, hotels and other activities to refresh yourself. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is one of the huge and hit tourist place not only for children but also for parents. It is the most popular building in Dubai, having multiple entertainment activities and informative zone. 

Atlantas Dubai Aquarium

This place tells the story of the legendary lost city of Atlantis and familiarizes about 65,000 marine creatures. This whole place has the amazing subways and webs underwater about 20 expositions, which tell you the aquatic life of different kinds, including deadly sharks, seahorses, eels, turtles and seahorse. You also enjoy the startling and vibrant assortment of underwater within 10 beautiful hollows. If you truly want to become the part of underwater, then the Lost Chambers Aquarium assurances the aquatic adventure for your family.  

Ticket Price: 

Combination of shows, experiences and other activities in this aquarium requires a basic entry ticket. Admission tickets start from INR 2500 per person, which also include an aqua theatre show. You can also select for the Ultimate Snorkel at almost INR 5700 per person. 

You can also enjoy the famous Aquaventure water park with the Lost Chambers aquarium with the ticket price of about INR 10,500 per person, which is reasonable. By getting this opportunity, a person can enjoy the experiences of park and aquarium in a single day.  

Fish Aquarium Dubai

Activities do at the lost chamber aquarium 

  • Ultimate Snorkel Tour 

The snorkelling experience is famous in the Lost Chambers Aquarium.  Even you don’t have the ability to swim, you can take part in this activity and enjoy with your children. In this experience, one can interact with the variety of animals of the sea. If you have been informed about the session, the snorkel, mask and vest are supplied to the visitor. When you start floating with the colourful creatures of marine, that will definitely your unforgettable moment of life. You can also enjoy the experience of a walk and breath underwater by a hood.  

Fishes Aquarium Dubai
  • Fish Tales Visit: 

This visit is particularly meant for the probing types. This is one kind of educational and instructional tour for everyone. You can observe how thousands of species are being cared for in an underwater aquarium. You will also take to the fish house, where other species of creatures are bred and ready to grow. At the top level of Ambassador Lagoon, this tour includes the exhibition of the aquarium at the larger level.  

Atlantas Dubai Aquarium
  • Aquarium Dives: 

You can enjoy the different types of dives in the beautiful marine. Atlantis Dive Discovery is a basic program for non-expert divers. You will meet the sharks, butterflies and numerous other animals by learning the basic abilities. If you are a skilled diver, you can experience a single tank dive. Just enjoy the experience of spending a golden time with attractive and rare sea life. Predator Dive is the last creepiest dive. This visit is planned for Bravehearts, who desire to hand feed fourteen diverse kinds of sharks in the Ambassador Lagoon.

Dubai Haunted Chamber
  • The Haunted Chamber Events: 

The palm, Atlantis arranges different types of events and parties in the whole year. Halloween is such a big event. To join this Halloween party in the Haunted Chambers you have to wear the mysterious attire, enjoy night programs in the aquarium, hoax, treat and be ready to scare with the creepy marine creatures.  

Aqua Theater Dubai
  • Aqua Theatre Program: 

This is perfect for the family and innocent kids. During this visit, tourists interact with witty divers. You can also get knowledge about the different features of diving with respect to marine life. Your children definitely have fun with it. 

Yoga Exercise
  • Hatha Yoga: 

This is the best opportunity for those, who are looking to relax. The Lost Chambers Aquarium gives you the choice to have a Hatha Yoga. These classes have a different setting that must surround by the exciting marine life. Mats and bottles are surely provided to you, but you have to make an effort yourself for this one.  

Tourists, which are coming to Dubai must visit this aquarium. Surely, it will be the most memorable and exciting tour for people of all age groups. This is the golden opportunity to know about marine animals and life. Just spend a few moments with water creatures, you will remember them for your whole life.